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A4UExpo Day 1

In the the manner I follow I’m now blogging again from the next conference I’m attending. Today I’m attending a4uexpo which should be very informative. As in the past I’m going to upload some photos of the session I’m attending. First session @DaveNaylor – The Three Pillars of SEO – An Advanced Review Second session [...]

Proving SEO factors as facts or myths…

So let me give you a bit of background behind the whole idea, I’m very technically minded and because of this I always want to know proven steps or facts behind things. I have been involved in search marketing for the last 5 years and in that time I have never been able to find [...]

SEO approach to Multilingual websites

Providing your website to visitor in their local language can be greatly beneficial to your company. Foreign language visitors will be able to connect far better with your company and product/s that you offer if they experience it in their native tongue. This connection will increase the chances of your visitors taking action that you [...]

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