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LogMeIn Ignition & Tom Tom Western Europe : 2 Essential Apps every online traveling professional needs

Being a South African staying in London traveling is an essential part of my life( This was one of my main reasons for moving to London). I recently came back from a 16 day 7 city 5 country trip with my wife. We wanted to explore Europe thoroughly and we basically moved from city to city every 2 days. Now let me tell you this was an awesome and tiring trip. It was probably one of the most amazing trip I ever did but when you change cities every two days it’s like starting over every two days with a million things you need to see.

Before we left on this trip I was faced with some work related issues. Firstly the nature of the industry I work in means that I can never be to far away from my laptop. This was a bit of a dilemma for me as I have a 17 Macbook Pro which is a real pain to carry with me but it was essential for me to access my laptop when I needed to. I own an iPad but found that there where several application on my Mac which I just couldn’t mimic on my iPad.

LogMeIn Ignition

This lead me to a remote desktop client for the iPad. I did have an app for this called Splashtop which was serving my occasional need but was also very unreliable. I have ended up once or twice not being able to access my Mac especially over 3G or a slower connection. In comes LogMeIn Ignition. It’s quite and expensive app as far as apps go but wow it is worth every penny.

LogMeIn is amazingly easy to setup. You simply purchase the app and sign up for an free account online and download software for you Mac or PC. This sets up the connection for you so from your side there is very little effort to get it working and worked it did. On the whole 16day trip I was able to access my laptop every single time flawlessly. Not even once did I struggle.

Server Based Connection

It has two secret weapons which makes it so effective. First being that the application on your Mac or PC connects to a server an which mean you don’t have to setup connection with your computer by open port on your router or even struggling with your computers firewall. It just works.

Graphic Compression

The second secret weapon is the fact that the desktop view you get is compressed with LogMeIn’s compression algorithm which makes it vastly quicker than using something like Splashtop. You can also pick the quality you want or set it to auto which will set the quality depending on your connection speed.

This essentially turned my iPad into a fully functional computer which was extremely portable and I used it several times while on holiday. One of the other benefits of the app it that it if for both your iPhone and iPad so you get a two in one. If you are in the same situation as me then LogMeIn Ignition is the app for you and you can get it here.

Tom Tom Western Europe Maps for iPhone

My second problem has always been navigation. It’s always a pain going to a different country and needing to rent a GPS or even use expensive roaming to find your location. The Tom Tom Western Europe maps for iPhone has been fantastic with this. We regularly rent a car when we go traveling and this app is amazing for navigation.

But not only in the car it’s also really good for walking directions. We however only realised halfway through our trip that there is a walking routing option which vastly eased our navigation in new cities without spending any money on roaming charge.

If your looking for a mapping solution for your travels then definitely get Tom Tom Western Europe or even any of the other as listed below.


4 comments for “LogMeIn Ignition & Tom Tom Western Europe : 2 Essential Apps every online traveling professional needs”

  • Reynardt Badenhorst

    Yeah I’ve worked with LogMeIn and it’s a solid app. Just wish I used it more often but I blame that on my own lazyness. Great review!

  • http://chriscalitz.com/ ChrisCalitz

    Thanks! Only use it every now and then but then it is totally worth it ;-)

  • Reynardt Badenhorst

    Been using TeamViewer lately, another great alternative.

  • Aliasgar Babat

    LogmeInIgnition is a quality remote support tool. Other options are RHUB, Bomgar, GoSupportNow, GoToMyPC etc.

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