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My Ultimate toy for 2010 (iPhone controlled helicopter)

When I first saw this I was a bit skeptical on how it would work but after watching the videos I’m sold. This has to be and early winner as it promises to take augmented reality games to a new level. Can you imagine flying in a race against your kids one day in you backyard that feels like you are in a Star wars movie. Well it’s not that far away.

Parrot, a company that is usually involved in bluetooth devices, is responsible for this great innovation. Here is how it works. The heart of the AR.Drone contains all electrical components and two cameras. The first camera, which is under the structure, is connected to an inertial measurement unit. This unit allows the AR.Drone to measure speed and allows it to perform stationary flight. It also compensates for wind turbulence in outside flight. This technique is usually only used in military applications but has been adapted for this helicopter.

The second camera broadcasts a video stream to your iPhone or iPod touch which makes you feel like you are in the pilot seat. This will allow game developers to build augmented reality games, which manipulates this feed.

2010 has only started but this has taken my pole position for gaming innovation for the year to date.


5 comments for “My Ultimate toy for 2010 (iPhone controlled helicopter)”

  • Nico

    Have you seen the augmented games section. Absolutely brilliant.I really can’t wait


  • http://chriscalitz.com Chris Calitz

    Yup! Is gonna be awesome. Maybe we can race your quadbike like this one day!

  • http://kevin.blogs.uls.co.za Kevin

    Now this is the Only Reason I would buy a iPhone.

  • http://chriscalitz.com Chris Calitz

    I promise you there are a lot more reasons than just this! I don’t know how I would live without one again.

  • Kevin

    I want a Nokia N900. (I would have liked to say I have, but its not yet available in South Africa)

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