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Working from Home errr Restaurants I mean…

So about 6 months ago we decided to move to London from sunny South Africa. Man oh man was this a big change. We had to sell our cars, rent out the house that we own and pack up all our worldly possessions into suitcases and move to London. This was a great decision but that is a topic for a blog post on it’s own.

Now the other side of this was I was leaving my great Jobs in South Africa for the unknown but luckily I was privileged enough to be part of our companies expansion. So my move to London also had a plan attached to it. This meant that I was employed the minute I stepped onto British soil.

The only problem is I had no office and with this nobody that I could interact with during the day when I was working. So I came up with this idea. While I’m busy setting up the company branch this side, I will work away from my house once a week. I will work in restaurants all over London once a week.

So what I’m going to do is to visit a different restaurant every week and write an amateur review on the place including photos and the locations of each place. The only requirement currently for me will be that it has a WiFi connection so I can continue working after my lunch. I will probably start adding to the list as time goes buy.

I’m really hoping to find some interesting places to eat in London and will be going out of my way to find place off the beaten track. If you have a little gem hidden away somewhere in London please let me know so I can come and visit your restaurant.

Secondly I hope this will familiarize me with London and offer me some replacement for the interaction with people in your normal day-to-day work environment. Please contact me if you have any ideas on how I can maybe formalize this more.

Keeping you Posted!


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